Refund Scam Alert From The IRS

Refund Scam Alert
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The IRS is warning taxpayers about a new scam that is playing out this year in relation to individual tax returns.The IRS Refund Scam Alert is about deposits being made into bank accounts and then requests being made to reclaim the funds.

The problems being when your personal computer is hacked and tax information is stolen. This information is used to file a tax return in your name. This next part is new in 2018, the money from the return is deposited into the tax payers own bank account. At this point, the taxpayer is contacted and a request is made to return the incorrectly deposited refund.

The taxpayer might receive a call from an IRS collection agency requesting the funds. Or he/she could receive an automated call from the IRS fraud department with a case number and instructions on returning the money. Both of these kinds of calls are not from the IRS but from those performing the hack and following scam.

Funds sent from the IRS in error can be returned to a mailing address provided by the IRS on their website. Take a look at Tax Topic #161.

If you happen to experience this most recent IRS Refund Scam, discuss the situation with your bank as closing the account might be in order.

Finally, a call to your tax preparer would be advisable to discuss what you should do with erroneously deposited tax refunds.

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